I believe that my most important function is to listen to you the patient. A good history helps me identify the problem. My practice focuses on evaluation and treatment of Foot and Ankle injuries, conditions, or disease. I pride myself on being able to get most people back to walking comfortably conservatively without the need for invasive procedures. My varied background in naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, as well as biomechanics and sports medicine are all combined with good standard medicine to accomplish this.

For those patients best treated surgically, I am a Board Certified Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgeon with over 33 years of experience. I also use complementary medicine, when appropriate, to help my surgical patients recover.

I am a past Professor of Biomechanics and Surgery, and director graduate education Cal College Podiatric medicine, and past adjunct professor Kinesiology, Cal. State Hayward. I am a past Olympic Team Podiatrist, and past podiatrist for the Golden State Warriors. I have written three paper back books on sports medicine, and three medical text books on Sports Medicine of the Lower Extremity. Books available Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.com.

My office treats all sorts of people, ranging from medicare patients with sore feet, hammertoes, bunions, corns, callouses, and painful, thick toe nail. We treat working people with painful heels, arches, and balls of the feet. Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, keratomas, and neuromas. We treat athletes with running problems. We treat Diabetics and use computerized pressure and gait analysis to help prevent diabetic foot disease We treat seriously injured patients with fractures, dislocations, RSD, Chronic pain, and failed foot and ankle surgery. I also treat patients Chiropractically for a variety of conditions, especially those associated with foot injuries or pathology.

We have a gait analysis center and a orthotic lab at the office. This is essential for sport medicine.

I have been trained and certified by the Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery, from John's Hopkins University with Dr. Lee Dellon professor Plastic and Neurosurgery. I can do nerve surgery for crush injuries and post traumatic pain, and for saving diabetic feet. The decompressive nerve surgery is also helpful for those suffering from non-specific nerve pain and numbness in the feet, ankle, and lower legs. In our office we can do a special nerve test which is more accurate than the standard tests, painless and called the PSSD. Articles and information about the nerve surgeries I do are available on the Institute for Peripheral Nerve surgery Web page. If you have questions you can e-mail me at stevensubotnick@yahoo.com

In addition, I am an Independent Medical[Podiatry] and Chiropractic Evaluator, as well as a QME in both Podiatry and Chiropractic. I am qualified to evaluate using the AMA guidelines for permanent impairment. My reports are balanced and I do many Agreed Medical Evaluations representing both the injured worker and the employer. I am both an evaluator and treater for Workers Compensation, work place, injuries. I am good at getting workers back to work if at all possible, and in recognizing those injured who need modified work, and will never completely recover. I realize that those injured workers who are not back to work soon, often have difficulty ever getting back to work. To this end, I work with claim adjustors, nurse case managers, and other interested parties to help injured workers recover and return to work with the best medicine has to offer. Primarily, I love what I do and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Whats New?
Plantar Fasiitis and Fasciosis, chronic tendon pain {tendinosis}. Recently there has been an epidemic of people suffering from plantar heel and arch pain. There are also many patients who have chronic tendon pain, [tendinosis], and some who develop a flat foot from rupturing the tendon that helps hold up the arch, [the posterior tibial tendon]. There are newer non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures that have been very promising for both non-responsive plantar fasciitis and heel/arch pain, as well as chronic tendon pain. These procedures help stimulate the healing process in thickened degenerated plantar fascia and tendons, without altering the integrity of the structures. These procedures include radio frequency microtenotomy and microfacsiotomy, as well as high intensity shock wave treatment. These are called Topaz and Ossatron respectively. These newer procedures are used for those 'non-responders', who fail what is normally very successful treatment. If you have questions or feel I can help you please feel free to email me.

I remain very sincerly yours,
Steven I. subotnick, DPM, DC

Sports and Excercise Injuries:
Conventional, Homeopathic, and Alternative Treament
By Dr. Steven Subotnick

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